I'm Running for
Good Government,
Government You
Can Trust

I'm running to be your next Auditor of Accounts because I know that it is one of our very most important public offices and because it is the role in which I feel I can best contribute my decades of professional and personal experience -- as a public auditor, legislator, entrepreneur and advocate -- to help deliver Good Government to the People. 

We in Vermont are rich in so many ways.  I've learned first hand from my two terms in the General Assembly, however, that we have to be especially vigilant in protecting our scarce public resources against waste, fraud and abuse.  That experience taught me that many of our State programs are inefficient and wasteful and that we don't oversee how we spend our resources as rigorously as we should.   Also, the absence of a robust ethics function in the State makes me very uneasy -- and why I believe the Public Auditor is especially important to Vermonters.

There is no glamour in the position, as far as I can tell -- it's all work, working for you.  


I know I'm up to the job.


As Vermont's Auditor of Accounts, I commit...
 make sure that promises made to all of us about our programs have actually been kept 


​ ensure not only that government delivers real value to Vermonters but that we protect the substantial investments being made by our taxpayers and communities

...​to provide true accountability and transparency into how our government is run

Let's Together take a Fresh Look at How
Montpelier Really Operates!