Some Representative Statements of Support from

Friends of Linda Joy


Randy Brock


As a former State Auditor, I know how important it is to have that office occupied by a person who is competent, technically savvy and independent.  It is an office where partisanship and political agendas have no place.  That’s why today I am heartily endorsing Linda Joy Sullivan to become Vermont’s next State Auditor.

Linda is a Democrat and I am a Republican.  Although I do not agree with every vote she has cast, I know from her work in the House of Representatives that Linda is her own person.  She is someone who can leave party politics at the doorstep of the Auditor’s Office and act as Vermont’s independent non-partisan watchdog.  She is a Certified Public Accountant, an experienced independent auditor, and she holds both an MBA and a Master of Laws degree.


If you plan to vote in the Democratic Primary, please cast your ballot for her.  If you plan to vote in the Republican Primary, please write in Linda Joy Sullivan for Auditor of Accounts.  There is no Republican on the ballot for this office, but I believe my fellow Republicans would be proud to have her on our ticket.


It’s time to return a real auditor to the auditor’s office.

Senator Randy Brock

Vermont Senator - Frankiln,

running for his fifth term,

Vermont Auditor (2005-2007)

A Note on Organizational Endorsements


While in the legislature, I made

it a rule not to seek or accept organizational endorsements, because the process of gaining them can suggest to the organization or to voters that I have a pre-disposition to vote on legislation when I know that my vote will depend exclusively on the merits of the legislation.  I feel it takes both solid policy objectives and good legislative drafting to get my vote and I pride myself on avoiding voting "yes" or "no" on a measure based on policy alone. 


I think, too, that the State's Auditor should try as best as she can to remain neutral on issues of policy in addition to strictly avoiding the embrace of partisan positions.  So while I am fine with being endorsed by people or entities, (and welcome your personal statements of support!) I generally don't engage in organizational vetting processes as that has the potential to create an appearance I like to avoid.

US Ambassador (ret.) Ned L. Siegel

I wholeheartedly urge … voters to elect Linda Joy Sullivan for its Vermont State Auditor of Accounts. Linda Joy Sullivan not only holds the ultimate credentials for the  position, but she has the utmost integrity and has honed the necessary skills for being independent. Political agendas will not creep into Linda Joy's audit reports, nor will they influence her approach. I met Linda Joy Sullivan when she was appointed the Receiver of an extremely difficult matter, and not only was she able to delve into the complex transactions, but due to her business and leadership skills, her professionalism and respect for the parties involved, paired with her supreme managerial skills, she was able to successfully turn around the business and it has continued to prosper and grow to this day…. It is without equivocation that I endorse Linda Joy Sullivan for Vermont's State Auditor of Accounts….She will approach the position fairly and will work with all branches of government to understand the conclusions of her Audit reports and to work to achieve better results….


Ned L. Siegel

Ambassador of the United States (ret)



Susan Buckholz


If you have not yet looked into Linda Joy Sullivan's campaign for State Auditor, please do so now! I personally endorse her, not just for her credentials and experience, but because I know her to be the most independent member of the Vermont House, able and ready to work across the aisle, doggedly independent and committed to finding the truth wherever it lies. What more could we ask for in the office of State Auditor? Please join me in supporting her for this important office!

Rep. Susan Buckholz, Esq.

Vermont Legislature 2017-19

Practicing Attorney, Hartford VT 

Don Turner


Representative Linda Joy Sullivan is a true public servant who has been fiercely dedicated to her community. As Vermont’s next state auditor, she would bring a wealth of experience—as a legislator, VT-licensed CPA, and registered public auditor, carrying both an MBA and a Masters of Law. Linda Joy would restore good government to the auditor’s office, and crack down on waste, fraud, and abuse. I encourage Vermont Republicans to “write-in” Linda Joy Sullivan for Auditor on the primary ballot. 


Don Turner

Former Minority Leader

House of Representative

Chris Brooks


It’s rare when the right person steps forward at the right time. This is one of those moments. I cannot think of anyone better suited to take on the issues facing our state than Linda Joy Sullivan as the Vermont State Auditor. Linda Joy will advocate for change when needed while working tirelessly to bring accountability and integrity to the post. Her experience as a public auditor and CPA while also holding a law degree and MBA positions her to hit the ground running without blinders. With this in mind, I strongly endorse Linda Joy Sullivan for Vermont State Auditor.

Chris Brooks, CEO

Vermont Wood Pellet Company


Corey Parent


I got to know Linda Joy during our time together in the Vermont House.  She is a diligent legislator and always did what she felt was right.  She also brings with her the critical analysis skills needed to be a successful auditor.  The State of Vermont desperately needs an auditor who won’t conduct audits through an ideological lens and Linda Joy Sullivan is that person.  I’m proud to endorse her candidacy and I hope my Republican friends will join me in writing her in on our ballots for the August primary.

 Sen. Corey Parent 

Vermont Senator since 2018; represented

St. Albans City and Southeastern St. Albans Town

in the Vermont House of Representatives

from 2015 to 2019.

Peg Flory


I knew who Linda Joy Sullivan was before she got elected to the House and had heard many positive things about her.   Once she got elected, I got to really know her and work with her and found that the positive things I had heard were seriously under rating her.   She is incredibly bright and hard working.  She analyzes  each issue and digs in deep.  Her Instincts and skills are very good and her common sense approach is excellent. 


Over the years I worked with her in the State House, I NEVER saw her take any position based on party politics.   Her positions were always based on a thoughtful analysis.  This is why I believe she has the knowledge and common sense to be an excellent State Auditor and is why she has my endorsement.   Please join me in writing in Linda Joy Sullivan for Auditor on the Republican Primary ballot. 


Sen. Peg Flory

Vermont Senator from 2011 until 2019,

representing the Rutland District.

Representative in Vermont Legislature

from 1999–2010, serving the

Rutland-6 Representative District.

Edie Sawitsky

I first met Linda Joy Sullivan when she was running for state representative in the Bennington-Rutland district.  I believe Linda Joy’s qualifications for Vermont State Auditor, including highly relevant academic, professional, leadership, and work experience are exactly what Vermont needs right now.  I strongly support Linda. As State Auditor, she will ensure that the interests of all Vermont citizens are protected and that the reputation and financial well-being of our governmental and educational institutions are appropriately monitored and preserved.

Edie Sawitsky

Vermont Arts Council Trustee

Chair of the Bennington

Museum’s Board of Trustees

Board Member and Past President

of the Better Bennington Corporation

Felisha Leffler


I have had the opportunity and privilege to work alongside Linda Joy Sullivan in the House of Representatives as well as in the House Corrections and Institutions Committee. I have seen her diligence and persistence in creating good, financially sound, policy, casting aside political and party agenda for the good of the state. 


Her extensive professional experience as a licensed CPA, attorney, public auditor, and legislator make her more than qualified to work for us as State Auditor. The Vermont taxpayers desperately need an experienced expert who won’t waste time and money on personal agendas. 


I am proud and excited to endorse Linda Joy in her candidacy to be our next State Auditor. I encourage everyone to vote for her on August 11th either by writing her in on the Republican ballot or by voting for her in the Democratic primary race. It is rare to have the opportunity to vote for a highly qualified and experienced candidate that transcends party lines. 


Representative Felisha Leffler - Franklin 7