Choosing Your Next Auditor of Accounts


An Open Letter:  My Campaign

to be Your Next State Auditor


After serving the better part of two terms in the Vermont General Assembly, I recently decided that I should give Democrats a choice on August 11 as to who should be the Party’s 2020 nominee for State Auditor of Accounts.


Among many other questions, friends have asked me, What exactly does the State Auditor do?”  And then, Why do you want to do this?

The State Auditor is a little known and, frankly, little appreciated position.  The Auditor was established under the Vermont Constitution. The Auditor ensures that our books and records are in good order. Importantly, the Auditor is also asked to make sure our State programs operate the way they were intended, that they are free of waste, fraud and abuse, and that they are run with great integrity.


What attracted me to run for this statewide public office?  Well, among other reasons, I consider myself to be a good government” junkie.  Making sure Montpelier meets its responsibility to deliver true value to Vermonters has been my true north,” driving just about every vote I have taken in the Legislature.  


I want to raise the Office of the Auditor to a new level -- to achieve its true potential.  


The Vermont Auditor can and should, in my opinion, be Vermont’s leading voice on government ethics and accountability.  Given the absence of a true ethics authority in Vermont, vision and leadership on this issue is badly needed and long overdue.  And, at a time when taxes are high, spending even higher, and a massive unfunded pension liability faces all of us, the Auditor especially needs today to be equipped to double down and ensure that our tax dollars are being spent honestly and efficiently, that our public accounts are transparently reported and that taxing and spending decisions are appropriately informed.


I have been blessed to have done many things in my life that will serve Vermont well as its State Auditor:  I am a Certified Public Accountant.  I am in fact a Public Auditor, having founded and run a nationally registered public audit firm.  I hold an MBA and a Masters in Law.  I am an entrepreneur, having for the last two decades run one of the very few woman-owned public audit firms in the United States.  I am committed to serving the public, have founded and led as its Executive Director a national not-for-profit organization combatting human trafficking.  


Ultimately, I thought when answering my friends, “Who better to be State Auditor, than a true, certified public auditor, one having an abiding commitment to service to the people of Vermont?


I want you to get to know me and I hope to be able to meet many of you in person.  In the meantime, please visit my campaign website:  You’ll see that I am a prolific op-ed writer and you can see in my writings posted on my Commentary page how I approach questions of good government.


Please support me this August 11 in my effort to become your new State Auditor of Accounts!


                                                          Linda Joy