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One of the most important responsibilities of your State Auditor is the selection of the government programs that should be audited each year.  Resources are scarce and every State Office needs to be sure that its efforts are laser focused on delivering value to Vermonters -- and that means careful selection of the State agencies and programs that will be scrutinized to ensure that their activities are not only efficient but effective.

One of my campaign objectives is to get real feedback from you as to the programs that seem not to be working well.  I have my own thoughts as to how the incumbent State Auditor has been deciding what gets audited, and I hope to be able to share those with you in the coming months.  In the meantime, I'd like to know which parts of our State government appear to voters to be unnecessary, wasteful or inefficient.

Sample Presentation: 

Addison County May 11, 2020

Write to me and share your thoughts and ideas.  I will personally read each and every suggestion you make and consider how best we can address them.

I pledge that, once elected, I will focus the activities of this important Office not on vindicating any political agenda but on bringing Value to the People.

It's easy to do:  Simply type in below your ideas -- let me know the program or State activities you have questions about and why you think the program isn't working well.

Audit This!
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